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ALLIANCE Outdoor Lighting is proud to provide a high quality product at reasonable prices that fit the tough standards of architectural grade product along with the economy requirements of today’s market.  We have carefully developed an approach to product development that takes practical concepts in low voltage outdoor lighting and creates an easy-to-specify and easy-to-install method for our industry.

All of our fixtures are manufactured using either heavy cast brass or spun brass which yields a corrosive-free finish supported by a lifetime warranty.  Each fixture includes a 25-foot wire lead, a long lasting high quality lamp and the mounting device (stake or mounting bracket).  Each standard fixture comes in Aged Brass, which is a rich, chemically applied, acid finish that will age appropriately for the occupied environment. 

The transformers were developed to include multiple voltage taps that allow the specifier and the installer to account for the voltage drop that is prevalent in low voltage lighting systems.   Each transformer is manufactured in a stainless steel enclosure and includes a lifetime warranty.


Please explore our website to learn more about our products, or contact us directly for your local distributor.   Thank you for your interest in ALLIANCE Outdoor Lighting Products.


ALLIANCE Outdoor Lighting warrants its products against defects in material and workmanship. Without charge, ALLIANCE Outdoor Lighting will either repair or replace (ALLIANCE Outdoor Lighting reserves the right to decide between repair or replacement) any properly installed ALLIANCE Outdoor Lighting product that fails under normal

operating conditions within the specified warranty period. Damage due to acts of nature, such as, but not limited to, lightning, flooding, explosions and earthquakes, are not covered.

All products are warranted from the date of invoice, provided it is returned to the ALLIANCE Outdoor Lighting distributor from where it is purchased. Our factory inspection determines it to be defective under the terms of the warranty. This warranty covers only equipment manufactured by ALLIANCE Outdoor Lighting and does not extend to transportation, installation, labor compensation, or replacement charges, nor does it apply to any equipment of another manufacturer used in conjunction with ALLIANCE Outdoor Lighting equipment.

NOTE: All Alliance Outdoor Lighting products are designed to be repaired in the field by a qualified lighting installer. All service parts are readily available and we encourage field repairs as a significant cost and labor savings which can be realized by the installer. All warranted components, as stated in the above warranty, which are installed in the field, will be honored.

Warranty Information

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