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itimerPRO Support

Get to know the features of the itimerPRO.

Running Time: 0:23

Setup Videos

Getting Started
Install the external antenna and plug it in!

Running Time 0:28
Downloading the it PRO app.
How to download the it pro app.

Running Time: 0:31
Adding the itimerPRO to the it PRO app.
In order to access the itimerPRO, it must first be added to the app.
Running Time: 0:43
itimerPRO Dashboard
How to control the itimerPRO manually and how to set a pre-loaded program.

Running Time: 0:44
Creating a Custom Program
How to create a custom program with multiple on and off times.

Running Time: 2:36
itimerPRO Power Meter
The itimerPRO has a built in power meter that shows capacity used and available.

Running Time: 0:22
Device Info Screen
Customize the name of the itimerPRO and set daylight savings time.Running Time: 0:35
itimerPRO LED Light Indicators
An explanation of all 3 light indicators on the itimerPRO.
Running Time: 0:37
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