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How to Wire Single Lead Fixtures
Wiring ledge lights like the SL-75 into a wall using the single wire leads.
Running Time 2:03
Bad Wiring
A great example of bad wiring and how to properly wire fixtures. 
Running Time: 2:39
BOLLARD100-LED Install
This video shows how to properly install a BOLLARD100-LED.
Running Time: 4:13
Prepping the Fixtures
How to prepare the fixtures to be installed.
Running Time: 2:03
The ALLIANCE Double Wire Lead
An introduction to the industry first double wire lead for LED fixtures.
Running Time: 1:15
Planning with the Double Wire Lead
How to plan out your connections when using the double wire lead.
Running Time: 2:27
Wiring Options with a Double Wire Lead
This video explains the flexibility of wiring with the double wire lead.
Running Time: 1:10
The Homerun Wire
How to use the homerun wire to connect your lighting system.
Running Time: 0:47
Mounting the Transformer
How to mount the transformer.
Running Time: 1:18
Lamp Replacements
The importance of using high quality lamp replacements.
Running Time: 1:51
The Jumper and the Photocell
Make sure you continue the flow of electricity in the transformer with either the jumper or the photocell.
Running Time: 0:55
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