bt Introduction
The BL200-bt is an integrated LED fixture with RGB+CCT Color Changing Technology, along with dimming and grouping capabilities.
Running Time 0:44
Downloading the bt App
The bt app is available on the App Store for apple devices, and on the GooglePlay Store for android devices.
Running Time: 0:47
Basic bt Functions
Learn the basics of the bt fixture.
Running Time: 3:18
Getting Started
How to get things started.
Running Time: 0:46
Securing Your Network
Learn how to prevent unwanted access to your lighting system by creating a secured network.
Running Time: 4:00
Naming Your bt Fixtures
Name your fixtures to make them easier to identify when you are creating groups.
Running Time: 1:35
Grouping the Fixtures
Creating groups of fixtures makes it easier to control specific zones.
Running Time: 2:59
Shared ID's
There is a chance you might have "twins," congratulations!
Running Time: 0:40
Custom Default Colors
How to create a custom default color.
Running Time: 1:10
Custom Scenes
How to create a custom scene.
Running Time: 1:34
Network Management System
How to navigate your secured networks.
Running Time: 0:27